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Byggwik System for Hire

Moving Heavy Loads

Byggwik jacking system allows moving heavy loads horizontally or vertically:

Moving Heavy Loads
Always when the use of cranes is required during more extensive times or if the space conditions are tight, confined or not readily accessible, the use of jacks permits moving loads horizontally or vertically, including roof structures, buildings, pressure vessels, equipment and other heavy or cumbersome loads.

Synchrolifts was started by Heavy Lift legend Bernard Davies in 1992. In 1995 he sold the company to Byggwik, who, during the 1990's developed a reputation for taking on the very technical jobs that no one else would consider. These included a 2 ton tomb lid under a church, sliding a bridge over the A1 expressway, lifting a pair of 100 ton steam drums into a nuclear power station, lifting bridges over "live" train rails on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, lifting a 300 meter long roof section at a steel works and even delivering a 300 kg chocolate sculpture safely to a surprise birthday party. Previously Byggwik had already successfully undertaken to rotate to even keel, the Tudor warship "Mary Rose", an extremely delicate operation considering her decayed state after 440 years, most of which under 15 feet of water.