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Byggwik Jacking System

New Tank Erection

The construction of new tanks with the Byggwik system is safe, simple and more economic in many cases, presenting the following advantages:

Practically all the work is done near or at ground level, minimizing the need
for scaffolding, for cranes and other erection equipment, reducing accidents’
risks and increasing erection speed, quality and productivity.

A portion of welding activities is not affected by climatic factors, being done
inside the tank with the roof installed (for tanks with self supporting roofs).

The hydraulic jacks are connected to the tank by means of jaws that grip the
lifting rod and are projected to always fail safe on eventual problems.

The tank doesn’t move even under power cuts, unforeseen failure of the
hydraulic pump or rupture of hoses.

The Byggwik jacks don’t depend on springs to close the jaws. The system is
designed as double acting (pressure being exerted in both directions)
reducing cycling time.

There is no need for hoisting equipment to install the jacking system, which
can be done by three or four workers (largest component weighs 100 Kg).

The installation of simple scaffolding near ground level permits the resetting
of the jacks, weld inspection, accessories' erection and painting with speed
and also better control and safety.

The whole operation of lifting the tank is done in a synchronized, silent, safe
and quick manner.

The safety conditions for erection with jacking at or near ground level is very
good, resulting in tank erections with extremely low accident or incident rates.